About VIP Renovation

VIP Renovation is an Auckland building brand, based in Massey. We provide full cycle renovation services, and work directly with you throughout the process to keep you informed. Our professionals are known for their outstanding bathroom, kitchen, and basement renovations.

Our company was founded in 2016 under legal name Alma Trade Ltd. Our main goal is to exceed the expectations of our clients in the areas of client care, timeliness, and quality renovations.

We understand that a house renovation can be a stressful process and that is why we are committed to provide the best customer experience in the industry. We treat every client’s needs individually and our workers respect their houses as they would be their own.

Whether you need help from one of our professionals feel free to give us a call today for your next renovation project and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Thank you for taking time to learn more about us, and we hope to hear from you soon.

How we work

See all steps of a project flow.

  • 1st Step

    Getting a quotation

    We will schedule a free in-home consultation with a member of our team to determine the best course of action for your space and they will work directly with you throughout the entire process.

  • 2nd Step

    Signing the plan and the agreement

    All projects should have plans. The plan eliminates confusion for everyone. Sometimes the plans are done by the contractor and sometimes a client may have his/her own architect complete the plan. We discuss it upfront. And we signup written agreement outlines the scope of the work, the products to be used, and the budget.

  • 3rd Step

    Preparation / Demolishing

    We prepare the area for the work to be sure the work process won’t affect on the rest of you home. After start demolishing works with removing the draining and the toilet, as to avoid any unpleasant spills. Remove cabinets, vanities, mirrors, floor tiles, and any other features you plan to replace.

  • 4th Step

    Renovation / Building

    Make adjustments for new fixtures & features. Build up waterproofing. Lay down your new floor and walls tiles. Hang drywall & get painting. Install the vanity and other niceties.

  • 5th Step

    Finishing Touches

    Now your bathroom actually resembles a bathroom. The absolute last finishing touch is installing the trim around the room and mirrors.

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